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I think I'll break the ice. I was at a party a couple nights ago just off campus. It was a birthday party for some guy I'd never heard of, and my buddy AJ invited me. I checked the facebook event to see how many honeys there were gonna be, and boy, there were definitely gonna be. Lots of fine asians. I called up my man Matt - whom I had recently introduced the whole PUA scene to by showing him Magic Bullets - and told him we were gonna party and he was going to be my wing. I don't ask people if they want to do things anymore, I just tell them "hey man, you and I are totally going to do ___ tonight."  The reaction is always positive, and again, Matt was thrilled to attend. (he was recently pretty AFC and didn't get invited to many things like this).

Matt and I accidentally got there early. We both knew what this meant, so we decided to walk around town for a little bit and admire the architecture. I really love beautiful architecture. So we wait until it's twenty minutes past the party's start-time. We get there and there is no one there! Just AJ and his FOB friends - and I'm using the term (Fresh Off the Boat) literally here, these guys were awkward chinese/viet/whatever else transfer students. Shit, twenty minutes late and we're still the first guests to arrive. So we just deal with it and strike up convo with roomies or whatever they were. In twenty more minutes' time, the place is fucking packed and bumping. So much so, in fact, that I found it very hard to get around and have a normal conversation. It was a small apartment place with like 50 people or so in one room. Matt opened a three set very nicely, but they were like 5's at best so I wasn't interested in helping him out by entering as a wing position(I tell to have high standards like myself). But to my surprise, he pulled me into the set! I don't really know what he did, maybe the chicks had already been watching me for ten minutes, but one of them took a picture of me from 10 feet away(where they all were). I took the camera and looked at the picture. Not bad. They say I'm Q, and introduce themselves as other letters like P and C or something like that. Apparently Matt gave them those names right off the bat. Fucking awesome, and I congratulate him on the smooth move after the party. Good C&F non-neediness by just assigning them random names - letters is an especially neat take on it. I tell them they can't call me Q and they keep asking my real name, which I decide not to give them just because they tried the letter-for-a-name thing on me. Haha. Didn't give a shit about them anyway. So I just built attraction for the hell of it with Matt with some DHVs and ejected. Talked to my friend Syd from dorms last year for a little, then opened some HB8 who had a boyfriend there(I think?). Instantly she was throwing me a million IOIs and moved herself very close to me to talk - which is funny, because we were in the kitchen, where you can hear others clearly and no one else was in it. I pulled a Juggler and ended up going "So how long you been doing Yoga" which she LOVED because though she was not doing it currently, she had been for a while. She dug the intuition. Unfortunately, AJ came in RIGHT when I was going to take her to Qualification/Comfort and interrupted his way into the conversation and completely pulled the attention to himself, so I patted him on the back and split with Matt. We were planning on leaving at that time because we had another party that night to go to. Unfortunately, by that time the party had quelled so I was like fuck that, and we parted ways.
Pretty lame. The only number close I got was some random guy who I'll probably never want to hang out with. Mainly because all those damn asians were all talking to eachother and it was near impossible to open a mixed set in that atmosphere and with all that noise. Just gotta find a stray and move her elsewhere to isolate or something. No big deal, hopefully future parties will be in a larger place.


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