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Number closed 2 hot as FUCK asians at A&F.

I wake up in the morning and get ready for what I expect to be a shitty day at work. It's 7:30am, after all, and I'm totally not a morning person. After a quick shower and cereal session I synergize with:
Issey Miyake Pour Homme - 2 sprays.
7.5mcg TAL - back of my neck.
2 sprays CTTM - forearms, one each.
1 spray ammo(I think it might have been a half spray?) - front of my neck.
I'd never seen any neat results from my usage of TAL, and I've always been too afraid to wear it on its own(and when I did, it was always 2.5mcg). So since the last time I went to work this HB9 blonde approached me and showed me some mad IOIs and attention(from just ammo and cttm, same proportions), I remembered how easy I've got it and became bold enough to experiment.

Now, I can't say for sure that TAL is what did this, but it's the only thing I've noticed makes as much of a difference as in this story.

So. I'm put on fitting rooms, which is my favorite thing to do because it keeps me busiest and I don't get so bored. As I look around in the store before it opens I realize that today must be international day or something, because we got black, middle-eastern, and asian, and caucasian women all over the place - where normally I see a bunch of ditzy blondes who just happen to be really attractive. The store layout is like an H, with one big middle room as the middle of the H and four rooms being the four projections from that middle line of the H. If that makes sense. I'm in the middle one with hb middle-eastern, and the rooms to my left and right are occupied by the asians. Oh man.

It didn't even take a second for HB9 asian to break the ice and introduce herself once I came into proximity. Literally, she caught me off guard because I hadn't seen her yet. She's sending IOIs like I couldn't believe the whole time and I just eat it up. I tease her about her nails and that she needs to cut them - I hand her some clothes to go back and as her nails graze my arm I say, "hold up, let me see your nails girl. *take her hand in both of mine, light kino* geez girl you gotta clip those things! you almost tore my arm off." - but I can tell she doesn't have much of a bitch shield so that's all the C&F audacity I decide to throw at her. She apologizes quite a bit and is sort of embarrassed. She supplicates like mad, but in a really sweet, genuine way. Anytime I interact with the chick she thanks me for whatever we did. Like "hey hb9, help me with these go-backs" "okay thank you so much" "..np O_o" The whole time I'm thinking, geez, is it the TAL? I didn't have much fun with her at the start because she was kept pretty busy, but hb10 asian was on fire.

So after a little bit of the interactions between hb9 and I, hb10 comes into the scene and happens to be pretty bored. Instantly our whole conversation as a sexual undertone, and even when we're not talking like that her eyes are telling me, "yeah, I could really go for a fuck right now." I mean, she was in the women's dept., and she tells me it's boring there cause it's all women and she needs some male action! I can't remember half the shit that I DHV'ed with but practically all of it led to major kino from her. One funny thing when she asked me if I knew what tomorrow was - "Uh.. Sunday? No wait. My birthday!" "Oh my God no way. Tomorrow is my birthday too! *hug*" "Haha, I totally lied to you. Mine's on Christmas." *she hits me and kino etc, then grabs my waist at the v-line to turn me around to the people waiting for rooms* Unusual to me for girls to be so frisky like that on first meeting. Basically we go back and forth with kino and I tease the hell out of her while DHV'ing and whatnot - she would stand dangerously close to me as we talked - she was completely under my spell.

Then I thought - wait, why do these two hot as FUCK asian girls keep coming back to get a piece of me? They would literally keep coming back to see me. And why not hb middle-eastern?
I figured it must be the TAL because I've never got such hits with ammo or cttm. Or maybe it's just the entire mix. I'll definitely test it further. Haha, now I want to get the asian persuasion thing.

Anyway, I go on break to grab a bite, come back and work another hour in women's2 with hb9 till our shifts end. I know that I don't need to do any work in the attraction phase with her, since female to male interest is clearly there, so I mix male to female interest with rapport techniques in comfort phase together to speed the process. And really, I was legitimately impressed with this girl because she was genuine, and knew her shit about music theory and choir. And I have pretty damn high standards for girls. It was sweet. In one room I had pure lust, and in the other I had attraction + personality. Got both their numbers in good fashion, and separate from eachother. Hb9 looked insanely relieved as soon as I said how about I get your number. Her nervousness was cute. And hb10 might have a boyfriend! Hah.
I'm also glad my game just keeps on improving. My friends don't believe me when I tell them I'm a PUA, but when my housemate sees the girls I pull home, they'll listen! ;D

By the way, I work at Abercrombie and Fitch, so you can just imagine my high standards + the fact that all their employees are the hottest things ever. I wish I could find their picture somewhere, but ironically neither of them have facebook.

(if you're wondering what the technical jargon like TAL is, visit www.pheromonetalk.com)


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